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Neckace Colors and Meanings

What do I personally identify as?

Everyone has their own personal identity that is unique, and we want to help you embrace it. Therefore, we allow you the freedom to let people know how you identify yourself in a way of acceptance.

Colored corded, beaded, name necklaces with your identifiers.

Your name is on the necklace to help everyone remember the names of the hundreds of the attendees.

Necklace Cording Colors

The necklace cording is colored to show your level of interest in the lifestyle.

Cord Colors: Meaning:
GREEN Open-minded, Nudist, Soft Swap, Girl-Girl
RED Full Situational Swingers
(Right people, time and place.)
BLUE Looking for as much action as possible.

There is a large number of attendees with each necklace color, so you can find others at your own level.

Bead Colors

The necklaces have colored beads which you can choose according to your personal interests.

Bead Color: Meaning:
PINK Girls Who Like Girls
(Can play separate from partner)
PURPLE BISEXUAL (Male or Female)

This helps like-minded people find what they desire.