Young Swingers® Week

The Original... Beware of Imitations.

The only Young Swingers® Cruise we have is the catamaran cruise at Hedonism II Resort to Rick's Café.

Young Swingers Week Catamaran Cruise to Rick's Cafe

The Original... Beware of Imitations!

There is another travel agency marketing a so called "Young Swingers® Cruise", but it is not. Only a small percentage of their cruise ship will be young couples, but the rest will be couples who are much older. Therefore, it is pretty much the same as any other swinger's cruise. Our events bring in as many as 400 attendees, which is not yet enough to fill a cruise ship that holds thousands of passengers.

Young Swingers Cruise

The REAL Young Swingers® Cruise

Here is an example age graph from one of our past events to show you the age demographics of our Young Swingers® Week events:

Young Swingers® Week Age Graph

Ask any other travel agents selling swinger cruises if they can provide you with similar numbers of all of the attendees on the cruise ship. If they won't tell you the number of attendees in each age demographic there may be a reason why.

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