Young Swingers® Week

The Original... Beware of Imitations.

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March 16-23, 2019

Hedonism II Negril, Jamaica

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Party like it's Spring Break! Participate in as many events as possible to make the most of your lifestyle vacation. There are nude pools, clothing optional pools, all-inclusive bars, and an array of activities going on throughout the day. Plus, you can go snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding most anytime during the day.

Young Swingers® Spring Break!

March 16-23, 2019

Young Swingers® Week - The Original... Beware of Imitations.

• Sexy Theme Nights
• Great Mixers
• Fun Contests
• Wild Pool Parties
• Premium Drinks

• Excellent Food
• Amazing Entertainment
• Bus Transfers
...and No Tipping

All Included!

Party Naked with hundreds of
other Young Swingers®

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Get a "Young Swinger" - the new drink, only at Hedonism II

The Young Swinger drink


Necklace and Bead colors

Each YSW attendee chooses their own individual necklace color for a personalized level of fun.

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Theme Nights

This is an incredible week.

Your days are amazing with the friends, entertainment, food, drinks, activities, seminars and more.

The attendees range from mild to wild and everything in between.

Experience the fun of meeting open-minded and like-minded individuals from places around the world. Many of our guest are first timers, and nudist, and enjoy the event to its fullest at their own identity level.


March Lineup


You must book through this website to be part of the Young Swingers® Group. Please check back often, because events and activities are being updated frequently, and are subject to change. This group is for couples only. Reservations from single males and single females will not be accepted.

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