Young Swingers® Week

March 2022 Young Swingers® Week
March 19-26, 2022


Spa Treatments

As if being on the beautiful island of Jamaica wasn't relaxing enough, you get to enjoy the luxurious spa treatments offered at the Hedonism II Resort as well! Party and cut loose at the YSW event and then take it a step further and really melt away any remaining stress. Take your pick of the choices listed below you can have a solo treatment or enjoy one of the couple's packages. No matter the treatment you choose you are sure to leave feeling like the sexy queen/king you are! There is also a cutting-edge fitness center which includes weight equipment, aerobics studio, Cybex equipment, cardio machines, a pool for water aerobics, saunas and showers.


Collagen Vitamin Facial

Pamper yourself with this anti-aging facial that contains vitamins, minerals and collagen to restore radiant, glowing, younger skin. A gentle yet powerful exfoliation technique that moisturizes your skin without drying it out. A popular choice at the spa. A 50-minute facial is $105.

Signature Facial

The signature facial is a uniquely customized blend of plant extracts and herbs used to boost the elasticity of your skin while extracting toxins and repairing damage. A great choice for all skin-types. 60 minutes is $125.

Man of the Moment Facial

This facial is designed to soothe irritation that can occur from ingrown hairs or after shave. A warm towel technique is used and is sure to leave your face feeling invigorated and looking its best. This 50-minute facial is $95.

Back Facial

Perfect for the areas of your back and shoulders that are just out of reach. A great option for men and women. The back facial starts with a deep cleaning, then a rejuvenating scrub to revitalize and enhance skin texture. Finished off with extractions and a cleansing mask to reveal vibrant clearer skin. 50 minutes for $95.

Hot Stone Therapy

The hot stone therapy available at the resort is unlike any you have experienced before! The stones used are gathered from nearby streams that the locals believe to contain healing properties and positive energy. The rocks are then brought to a delightfully warm temperature in fragrant oils and will take any tension you have in your muscles and make it fade away as you relax. Prices for the hot stone therapy are $125 for 60 minutes or $175 for 80 minutes.

Body Scrubs and Wraps

Aloe Wrap for Sunburns

This soothing wrap is a great follow-up to a little too much fun in the sun! Price: $85 for 40 minutes.

Herbal Awakening Body Scrub

Need a boost? Try the resorts herbal awakening scrub, sure to relax but also rejuvenate you for the duration of your stay. Price: $60 for 20 minutes.

Ocean Wrap

Enjoy a full body wrap and exfoliation that can leave your skin feeling refreshed and infused with minerals. Price: $145 for 60 minutes

Cooling Peppermint Scrub

This cooling scrub will not only melt away your stress but will also revitalize you so you are feeling your best. Price: $60 fir 30 minutes.

Vanilla Fields Body Scrub

A deliciously fragrant vanilla scrub will not only smooth your skin, but will also leave it feeling soothed, as vanilla has supposedly been linked to containing anti-inflammatory properties. Price: $50 for 30 minutes.

Anti-Aging Vitamin Wrap

This wrap is a great choice but offers the highest benefits to those who suffer from dry skin and is guaranteed to quench your skins thirst. Price: $135 for 50 minutes.

The Lavender Journey

Lavender is one of the most relaxing oils/scents in its industry. After you complete the Lavender Journey you will be filled with peace and bliss. Price $50 for 30 minutes.

Glow Me Salt & Coffee Detox Scrub

Cleanse and detoxify your less then glowing skin with a coffee scrub, believed to have benefits of temporary reduction of cellulite, leaving the skin feeling smooth and improving circulation. Price: $60 for 20 minutes.


Natural Mystic Reflexology

The Chinese believed that this ancient practice can cause the body to heal itself, improve circulation, reduce stress and restore balance of the mind, body and spirit. Price: $85 for 50 minutes.

Swedish Massage

Enjoy a Swedish massage, a technique that relaxes the whole body with long gliding strokes. Price: $95 for 60 minutes or $145 for 80 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage

The resort has a unique blend of aromatic unadulterated essential oils used just for their one of kind aromatherapy massage. Enjoy! Price: $95 for 60 minutes or $145 for 80 minutes.

After the Workout

Perfect for athletes with sore stiff muscles, this vigorous deep tissue massage is sure to loosen tight muscles and prevent further tension. Price: $95 for 60 minutes or $145 for 80 minutes.

Deep Tissue

A great choice if you have suffered from chronic pain due to muscle strains, accompanied by knots. This deep massage technique will release built up tension. Price: $95 for 60 minutes or $145 for 80 minutes.

Spas & Couples Packages

Spa Packages

My Island Delight

This package features the Signature Facial, Ocean Body Wrap and the Aromatherapy Massage. 160 minutes for $330.

Man's Man

Men need to get pampered too! Included in this package is a deep tissue massage, the man of the moment facial and a manicure and pedicure. Price $330 for 160 minutes.

Serenity Village

Package includes: Oxygen Facial, Herbal Scrub and Swedish Massage. Price $220 for 120 minutes.

Couples Packages


Take your better half or new friend on this indulgent experience that includes a steam and sauna with either a foot massage or bath soak. Also enjoy tea or champagne. Cost is $75 per person.

Deep Soak

Immerse yourselves in a luxurious bath soak (20 minutes) and a relaxing full body massage. (60 minutes). This package is available for solo usage at $155 or $290 for a couple.

(Hedonism II kindly requests that you please arrive to your spa appointment 5-10 minutes early. Please remove any make-up, sun-tan oil, sunscreen and sand prior to the appointment. Inform the spa of any medical conditions when making a reservation, as some conditions will interfere with spa services.)

All treatments and facilities are not always available. Price are subject to change without notice and are in US dollars, tax is included in the price quotes, unless advised otherwise. If you would like to place a reservation or have an inquiry please email

Feel free to contact the Spa manager of the resort if you have any questions regarding treatments. The use of the resorts steam room, gymnasium and sauna is complimentary. Avoid accessing these areas with jewelry on. Be sure to relax and cool down after each treatment. If you start to feel dizzy, have a headache or chills inform the spa manager/staff immediately. It is advised to not use the sauna or steam if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, diabetic, claustrophobic or hypersensitive.

Cancellation Policy: To allow things to run as smooth as possible for everyone, cancellations of spa services must be received at least 4 hours ahead of the appointment time or you will be subject to a fee equivalent to 50% of the price of the service.

Are You Mild, Wild or Somewhere in Between?

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Neckace Colors and Meanings

What do I personally identify as?

Everyone has their own personal identity that is unique that you can embrace. We allow the freedom to let people know how you identify yourself in a way of acceptance.

Colored corded, beaded, name necklaces with your identifiers.

Your name is on the necklace to help everyone remember the names of the hundreds of the attendees.

Necklace Colors Copyright ©2021

The MILD or WILD™ Necklace System™ cording is colored to show your level in your personal lifestyle.

Cord Colors: Meaning:
GREEN Mild / Open-minded, Flirty, or Nudist
RED Wild / Lifestyle - LGBTQ+, open relationships, swingers, poly, kink, fetish, and many more. If you think you are wild, you probably are.

Meet other at an event with a variety of necklace and bead colors, so you can find others at your level.

MILD event attendees reserve the right to become a little WILD at their own pace.

The MILD or WILDNecklace System™ takes a lot of pressure out of social settings with large groups, and lets people find others quickly.

Make the most of your differences by letting others know how you personally identify. 

Bead Colors - Copyright ©2021

The MILD or WILD™ Necklace System™ has colored beads which you can choose according to your personal interests.

Bead Color: Meaning:
PINK Same Sex
WHITE Single or Open Relationship
GREEN The Weed Bead - 420 Friendly
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