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Get VIP and Fast Arrival to Young Swingers® Week at Hedonism II with Tim Air and Mobay.

Tim Air verses the Bus Ride to Hedonism

The bus ride takes around an hour and a half. You can meet people on the bus and have some fun conversations on the way to the resort, but it is a long and winding road. Tim Air takes around 18 minutes, so you will beat the people coming off the bus by over an hour to check-in, pending everything going smoothly. Therefore, you will be checked in and sipping drinks by the pool before the bus arrives. So, if your time is worth the money then flying Tim Air is a very cool option. Below, we have two super high speed YouTube videos I filmed to show you what both are like.

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Bus Ride to Hedonism II

Tim Air Plane to Hedonism II

Our Personal Experience with VIP Arrival by Mobay and Tim Air

We were a little skeptical on how much time Mobay VIP arrival service could really save, so we tried it for ourselves on the way in to Young Swingers Week. Our flight was arriving on Friday March 21st and we already had several couples arriving that day, therefore wanted to arrive as soon as possible.

As the hosts of Young Swingers® we flew in with our host couple and host girl, so we left them behind at the gate because a Mobay employee was waiting for us with a sign with our name on it. The customs lines were wrapping half way through the waiting area, but the Mobay agent took us swiftly to the front of the line and had us through in under 5 minutes. As we arrived at the baggage claim our bags started coming on the conveyor after just a couple of minutes. Next, we passed around 50 people waiting for the final customs check when she once again took us straight to the front of the line and walked us over to the Mobay waiting area, gave us a Red Stripe beer and a rum punch while they notified Tim Air of our arrival.

We didn't even get to finish our drinks and Tim Air was there whisking us away to our hopper flight. We were the only people at the security checkpoint by Tim Air and they had us through again in under 5 minutes and we were in the plane. The plane flies at 150 MPH and you can see how quickly it gets back and forth from the resort by watching our YouTube video. We asked the pilot what percentage of business comes from Hedonism? He responded, "If weren't for Hedonism we would most likely pack up and go home." The pilot did a nice low fly in so we could get the pictures here of the resort from above. Then we landed in only 18 minutes. The van was waiting with the door open for us to throw our items in took us to the resort in 2 minutes. That is how we made it from down in Montego Bay to the resort in under 1 hour. Tim Air prices range from $118 to $140 per person which depends on how many people are on your flight.

There is an advantage to beating the bus, being that if enough rooms aren't ready yet you may get one first before the other people show up. We checked in our room, ate some lunch, headed down to the nude pool and then came back up to the reservations desk just in time to see our host couple and host girl checking in. Customs was an hour wait and the bus was an hour and a half, so we beat them by almost two hours and were already well rested. Just note that if your fight comes in really early in the morning or really late in the evening the VIP Arrival service may not save you much time, but Tim Air is still a great idea for the arrival. If you are arriving between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday, then the VIP arrival may save you an hour or more. It really just depends how many flights are arriving at that time.

Mobay VIP Departure

Once again we wanted to test this for ourselves. We took the bus on the way back, because we just wanted to chill out with our friends and just relax. However, for only $35 a person a Mobay agent shoots you straight to the front of the customs line instead of standing for another hour. Then they rush you right up to a VIP suite that is more like a high end coffee house. We all had a couple of drinks each from the bar, which are included. I plugged in my laptop and checked my email with the free WIFI. They had a large selection of sushi, sandwiches, wraps, and cookies to choose from while we waited, which was again included. It made the two hour wait at the airport restful and relaxing like I was still on vacation. Note that if you haven’t waited at the airport in Montego it is not very comfortable. Also, we had two beers and appetizers at a bar and spent over $35. Once you try it you won’t want to spend an hour in a customs line again.

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